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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Car Review: 2015 Toyota Fortuner

2015 Toyota Fortuner

Review Summary:

The  Fortuner is based on the world-renowned Hilux, and therefore with this car you know it will be tough. But why else would you want to own one? 


Good value for money when you factor in what it brings with it. 


Dated interior is what earns the Fortuner negative marking. 
The 2015 Toyota Fortuner is certainly a very modest looking car. Styling traits of the popular work-man’s Hilux are evident all over, especially at the front. The headlamps seem slightly out of proportion with the car’s big, pronounced chin and chrome grille. There are subtle mouldings, such as the two creases that join the grille from the bonnet, but that is about the height of imagination. The Fortuner does little to stand out.
2014 Toyota Fortuner Side
Inside, the Fortuner is laced with buttons and knobs that have been present in most Toyota’s for well over 10 years, the electric window buttons for example. The bad news doesn’t stop there; the deeply sunk dials are obstructed by the dashboard, and there are several buttons down low that are both impossible to identify and operate. There is a range of interiors, obviously, and it’s forgivable in black, but for the love of all that is holy, avoid the beige and walnut.
2014 Toyota Fortuner Interior
Technologically speaking, the 2015 Toyota Fortuner is a rough and tumble workhorse that will probably keep on going long after mankind has died out. But there is little innovation, with dated switches and knobs submerged in a jungle of beige and pretend wood. The basic models come with everything you would expect, including dual air conditioning. A third row of seating is available in the back, and actually they are very easy to stow, so there’s a plus point… Seven people can fill the car, but it will be a tight squeeze in the back.
What’s on offer?
2014 Toyota Fortuner Rear
The Fortuner primarily comes with a 2.7 litre 4-cylinder engine that produces a modest 158 horsepower; that is less than the 2.5 litre RAV4. The basic model starts at N8,900,000, but it really is basic. You get keyless entry, parking sensors, and a cup holder. Of course the main plus point is that it will seat seven people, and if you’re looking for an affordable car that can transport larger families then this is certainly a suitable option. For those after a little more grunt, however, there is some good news. The Fortuner is also available with a 4.0 litre V6, one that churns out a decent 235 horsepower and 378 Nm of torque.
Summing it…
If you are looking for an affordable 7-seater then this car will suit you; but if you’re looking for a compact SUV for day-to-day use, then the 5-seaterToyota RAV4 is a better option. If you want Hilux engineering and life span, buy a Hilux. If you want a decent sized family car which is a similar size, buy a RAV4.

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