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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Car Advice: 5 Causes of Car Vibration

Cars vibrate for various reasons due to wear and tear of the vehicle and they can range from mild to disturbing. Car vibrations can be very annoying at times, especially if you haven’t experienced it before. When they do happen, it's best to visit your mechanic for a thorough vehicle diagnostics.
Here are five common reasons why your car may be vibrating.
1. Poor fuel mixture: Bad fuel can be a cause of vibration and knocking. Bad fuel carries a low octane rating which causes the engine to struggle while running. You might have noticed that after tank refill from some low quality fuel station, the sound of your engine changes which ultimately results in bad fuel economy and knocking of the engine.

2. Bad tire Inflation: Bad tire inflation can also lead to vibration while driving. Please note that in a 2wd ride, the tire pressure of the rear tires should be greater than the tire pressure of the front tires however; the tire pressure of connecting tires should remain equal. Vibration due to bad tire inflation is only experienced when the car is in motion.

3. Worn out engine mount: Engine mounts are responsible for baring the engine on its frame while trying to prevent maximum movement in any case. Broken or worn out engine mount leads to excessive movement which causes the engine to come in contact with other metal surfaces while trying to displace itself. This results in clunking and rattling sound with vibration at the time of acceleration and deceleration.

4. Weak Engine that burns oil: Weak engine that burns oil also vibrate when the engine oil is on top up level. When there is deficiency of oil for the piston rings to be lubricated for smooth running, the engine struggles while making the car to vibrate with jerks. In some cases, using very low viscosity of oil in an old engine also leads to vibration.

5. Weak A/c Compressor: Weak A/c compressor is a very common cause that makes your car to vibrate. You can practice a simple remedy to check that your car’s A/c compressor has gone weak.

Note: Causes of Vibration can be numerous, like choked throttle body, faulty oxygen sensor, poor wheel balancing and etc. But for time saving self-diagnosis you must keep in account the age of your car coupled with some common reasons mentioned above. Before consulting a mechanic, do check your car for these symptoms.

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